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Power Pitching

Power Pitching

Introduction: A kid catches a ball in the outfield and throws it into the infield at 90 miles and hour.  The same kid then
goes to the mound and when he throws the ball to the catcher he only throws it 80 miles and hour.  Why?
Because from the outfield he gains more leverage and momentum behind the throw because he uses his
legs.  On the mound he does not.  With the simple move of the front elbow he can engage his legs and
capture the momentum he generates from the outfield.

Objective: Maximize body leverage on every pitch

Thought Process: Front Elbow to the Target.
Ball released in Bibby's Box

Physical Process: Ankle
Power (Thumbs Down)

Check Points: -Throw from right side of rubber if left handed and throw from left side of rubber if right handed
-Maintain balance by pitching with 85% effort
-Point thumbs down when breaking hands
-Elevate front elbow to create power "V" in the backside of the body
-Release baseball on all types of pitches in the "Bibby's Box"
-After baseball is released grab imaginary dollar out of back pocket (Pronate)
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