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Performance Protocol

Performance Protocol

The Bio-mechanical Secrets to Power/Speed/Health

The most effective and efficient system of power, speed, and health training. It is simple, effective, and too good to be true.  However, we know what it does, we have research to back it, and it is the secret process of the elite athletes.

                                   30 minutes Maximum Workouts      Flexible and Adjustable      Guaranteed Results

The Baseball Bench

The Dead-lift

The Ax Lifts

The Core

The PP fee is a  "one time only charge" of $150.00.
 Once the program is implemented within your personal approach to conditioning,
It will be the only training fee you will pay for the rest of your life. 

Call or text directly 434 489 4544  to discuss your participation and to set up personal appointments.

 This program is for the true warrior who want to learn how to fight and survive in today's competitive climate.  

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