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2x5 Natural Power

2 x 5 Natural Power

Introduction: Weight training is creating an efficient and effective physical machine. Humans typically use only 20% of the
 muscles in their body.  Only in the case of fight or flight does the body utilize all the muscles in the body and
 for only a short 10-second time period.  An athlete can learn to recruit more of the 80% dormant muscles.
 Lifting only 2 sets of five repetitions in all lifts provide the secret equation for power.

Objective: Recruit  the muscles in the body so that a higher percentage is engaged in physical activity.

Thought Process: -Only Lift two sets of five repetitions on all lifts. The muscles are engaged for less than 10 seconds.
-Recruit muscles from the 80% of dormant muscles in order to work more efficiently
-As the two sets of five lifts become easy it is important to increase the weight of the lifts with gradual

Physical Process: -Only do two sets of five and no more for that session.  Anything extra will cause the muscles to experience
 micro trauma.  This micro trauma cause the muscles to tear, bleed, and swell the body. The body must rest  and must not be over worked to eliminate micro trauma.
-Utilize the total body lifts: Deadlift, Bench Press, Lat Pulls, Rowing
-Only do one set of 15-25 repetitions with auxiliary lifts for small muscle groups (The Boxing Lifts)

Check Points: -Use proper breathing techniques(Blocking) on the total body lifts. Blocking is inhaling and filling the lungs
 to capacity prior to lift.  It tightened the body and provide rigid fulcrums to maximize lifts without risking
 pinched nerves. 
-The videos below demonstrate proper techniques for basic lifts

"Performance Protocol"

"Power and Speed Personal Chart"
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