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A Few Truths

What Happens when a High School Player Competes in Collegiate Summer Wood Bat League?  He Becomes a Warrior who goes on to compete and take jobs away from those who are weak in mind and spirit!!!!!  That simple.

Showcase travel ball does not give this to a player.  Showcase is limited to certain criteria that does not allow a player to play up against experienced warriors who have time under their belt, stories to tell, and wisdom to share.  Put a high school catcher with an experienced college pitcher and they learn how to battle.  Let a high school hitter face collegiate pitching and he learns how to be a zone hitter.

Keep a player with his own age and skill level..... great memories and successful summer fun are the great bi-products for sure.  What is lacking is growth and maturity, experience and competitive development.  Lets be honest. When the All-Star High School player goes into collegiate competition all the letter-man accolades do not mean jack.  He better be able to fight and battle for position, for respect, for results, or he will not play.

Come into the world of the VMarlins and we teach you how to battle.  Bottomline.  4344894544.  What we do is not for the weekminded.  It is for the risk taking few that love to battle.

Call/text anytime if you are the warrior we are looking for.  Coach Fulton

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