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The VMarlins Program
"Developing Winning Citizens thru Positive Athletic Participation"


Master the skills of a Warrior and Play to win on and off the International/Collegiate/Professional Fields


            Call/text/email for more information:
           (434) 489 4544   gmvmarlins@yahoo.com


       We Provide and Guarantee

A Great POWER/SPEED Program                              (The 2x5)
Competitive Protocol/Skill Development       (Visuals Spirituals)
100's of ABS, Quality Innings, Games Daily           (Physicals)

             With Professional Mentors

VMarlins Professional Alumni
          1st Round MLBDraft Pick 2006    23rd Round MLBDraft Pick 2014                     Milw Brewers -Jeremy Jeffress     Balt Orioles-Zeke McGranahan

              83rd MLB Draft Pick 2003            345 MLB Draft Pick 2012
                  FL Marlins - Jon Fulton            Hous Astros - Terrell Joyce
              2014 Free Agent 2015 Free Agent    2015 WBL Free Agent
               Vallejo Admirals      Windy City Thu-bolt  VMarlins/Kochi F-Dogs Jap
                 Travis Smith             Cameron Gianini          Daki Matsuki

               2015 JPL Japan      2015 Free Agent    2015 WBL Free Agent
          VMarlins-OGunyers-Jap   Milw Brewers     VMarlins/Australia/China
                Wes Edwards          Shawn Clowers             Oz Sailors

           2015 Free Agent         2015 Free Agent         2015 Free Agent
                   VMarlins           VMarlins/Miami Marlins            VMarlins
         Anthony Ruggierio      Raymond Rodriquez       Jordan Hubbard

           2015 Free Agent          2015 Windy City    2015 Dutch  International
                 VMarlins  Thunderbolts          VMarlins/Zwijndrecht
           Chris Nicastro, Jr.            Marquis Riley             Kevin Verroen

Warriors For Life 
"The Warrior sees Life as Opportunity.
The Ordinary sees life as a blessing or a curse"

WE INVITE YOU to become an Official Global VMarlin.

The Global Community of the VMarlins




First Collegiate Game, Virginia Marlins Field

Memorial Day, 2011
The Virginia Marlins vs The Fuqua Varina Twins

June 1-June 25, 2016
WBL Collegiate Updates:
VMarlins are Playing at: Longwood University, Danville Community College, North Carolina A&T, Lenoir Rhyne Unversity College, SUNY Canton, Bluefield State, Urbanna College, etc
WBL International Pro League

      June 26 - July 23, 2016   

WBL Pro Updates:
VMarlinsRaymond Rodriquez, Signs with Miami Marlins

VCards, Wes Edwards,  Returns to  Guyner, Japan
VMarlins, Daki Matsui, signs Kochi Fighting Dogs, Japan  
VMarlins, Brad Knight signs Saarlouis Hornets, Germany
VMarlins, Oz Sailor, goes to China with MLB

Warrior Stories from the WBL

First WBLPro goes Affilated with the Miami Marlins,
Ray Ray Rodriquez (more)

Zeke McGranahan only played a few innings in HS
 and now Pitches for the a Orioles...  (More)

 Wes Edwards was washed up at 27 until the
 Japanese saw him pitch!!!....  (More)

First Women Professional Baseball Player Starts in
 Danville, VA  and continues in Sydney, AUS... (More)

Player, Parent, Coach Testimonials 

Father Reports: "Our son came from DR and is now on the Radar for Collegiate Opportunities because... (More)

Pro Pitching Coach Reports: Coach Fulton and his Generals Are Professionals in an Amateur World... (More)

The Warriors League
13-18 Developmental Programs

The Grasshopper League
6-12 Developmental Programs

The University of Virtual Applied Athletics 

Native American World National Team

"The V-Chain"
We Like these Guys!


Funky BallGame

International Updates
The Warriors are coming together ...  and it is GOOD!

WBL Teams and Affiliates
Our  Warriors are ALL OVER THE WORLD!
VMarlins Global Baseball Camps
Baseball Secrets taught all over the world!
2013 Recap   2014 Recap   2015 Recap    2016 Schedule

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